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Shared objectives for NARRS partners    
  The broad aims of NARRS are:  
  To provide herpetofauna status information needed for conservation purposes.  
  To bring conservation benefits by raising public awareness and appreciation of herpetofauna.  
  The key requirements to achieve this are:  
  Cooperation between all organisations and individuals involved in, or benefiting from, NARRS.  
  Robust monitoring regimes for assessing the conservation status of all herpetofauna species.  
  A sufficiently comprehensive network of volunteers to meet all recording and monitoring needs.  
  An effective system for encouraging, supporting and coordinating volunteer involvement.  
  Effective information management, interpretation and dissemination to all potential users.  
  Sustainable funding arrangements and in-kind support.  
  The specific objectives are to:  
  Define measures of conservation status for all native amphibian and reptile species in Britain, including information on range, distribution, populations, abundance, habitat quality/extent, threats and prospects.  
  Design robust and efficient sampling regimes for assessing conservation status at national, regional, local and site levels, monitoring the condition of herpetofauna interests on all SSSIs in United Kingdom, assessing biological progress towards relevant BAP targets, and monitoring the status of non-native amphibian and reptile species in the United Kingdom.  
  Build a cooperative partnership between all organisations and individuals that are involved, or could potentially be involved, in NARRS.  
  Contribute towards a comprehensive, sustainable network of Amphibian and Reptile Groups and other volunteer groups, with training and support needed to contribute to NARRS.  
  Promote standardised approaches and best practice for herpetofauna survey and monitoring by developing and promoting improved survey methods, models and approaches.  
  Provide an efficient system of data collation, analysis and management; centrally managed but well connected to other nodes and recognising the importance of existing local initiatives.  
  Following NBN principles, exercise an open attitude to data sharing, with effective dissemination to volunteers, Statutory Agencies, Local Records Centres, NBN Gateway, Local Authorities, general public and others.  
  Distribute information to the respective Local Records Centres and the NBN Gateway.  
  Disseminate information via all available media such as websites, atlases, reports, ‘alert maps’, articles, newsletters, circulars, and scientific papers.  
  Report to the Statutory Nature Conservation Agencies, Government and others on the conservation status of European-protected species and widespread species, condition of herpetofauna interest features on SSSIs/ASSIs, progress towards BAP targets, and other information as appropriate.  
  Supply information to Local Authorities and land managers to enable full consideration of herpetofauna in the planning process, land management, and other activities.  
  Launch education and awareness campaigns that will bring tangible conservation benefits through changed attitudes and behaviour, public involvement in herpetofauna recording, and greater appreciation of herpetofauna in general.  
  Promote targeted research to better understand threats and opportunities facing herpetofauna, aid decision-making, influence policy development and guide conservation actions.

NARRS is led by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) in partnership with ARG UK and many other partners. Through volunteer-based surveys, we aim to monitor the conservation status of all UK amphibian and reptile species. Click on the buttons or links to each side for more information.
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