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Our Privacy Policy

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) defines information referring to a living individual as Personal Data. We hold Personal Data on our electronic database and in other formats, therefore we are registered with the Data Protection Commissioner and our computer systems are password-protected and firewall-protected. In keeping with the DPA, we endeavour to make sure that all recorders have given us written permission to hold Personal Data on them. Personal Data will be managed diligently in keeping with the requirements of the DPA.

What Personal Data do we ask for?

To support the collation and use of data, we ask recorders to provide us with their contact details (typically name, address, telephone, email).

How do we use the Personal Data provided to us?

We use this information to keep complete and accurate records, and to correspond with recorders when necessary.

To whom do we disclose your Personal Data?

Recorders’ contact details are not passed on to anyone else. Recorders’ names are associated with database records and may be supplied to third parties unless perceived by us as inappropriate, or requested otherwise by the recorder. In case a person’s name in association with a record might constitute Personal Data, we will treat all records as carefully as we would Personal Data sensu stricto.

NARRS is led by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) in partnership with ARG UK and many other partners. Through volunteer-based surveys, we aim to monitor the conservation status of all UK amphibian and reptile species. Click on the buttons or links to each side for more information.
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