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Amphibian Survey  - Survey Pond Information

You need only complete this form once for each amphibian survey square. Fields marked with an asterisk and/or highlighted in yellow are compulsory.
Your Details:  Form Date: 01/07/2022
Name* Address
Telephone Postcode
Can we contact you if necessary?  

Landowner Details:-    
Name Address
Telephone Postcode
Is the landowner/manager willing to be contacted if any follow up is required?

Pond Details:-    
Pond Grid Reference (Format 2 letters and maximum 10 numbers
e.g. SX1234, SX1230456789)*
Nearest Town  
Pond name/address/reference number (and source) if known:
If the pond no longer exists please tick this box:

Habitat Suitability Factors:-
Where appropriate, click on the 'Help' button Help Button next to the question for guidance.
1. Map location:
2. Estimated pond area (m2): m2
3. Number of years in ten that pond dries up:  Help button years in ten
4. Water quality:  Help button 1: |  2: |  3: |  4:
5. Percentage perimeter shaded: %
6. Waterfowl impact: (1 to 3)   Help button 1: |  2: |  3:
7. Fish presence:  Help button 1:|  2:|  3:|  4:
8. Number of other ponds present within 1km of the survey pond (and not separated by barriers to dispersal):
9. Terrestrial habitat:   Help button 1: |  2: |  3: |  4:
10. Percentage of pond surface occupied by aquatic vegetation (March – May): %

You have now completed the Amphibian Survey Pond Form. Simply click on the [Submit] button below and wait for confirmation that the details have been entered into the database.


NARRS is led by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) in partnership with ARG UK and many other partners. Through volunteer-based surveys, we aim to monitor the conservation status of all UK amphibian and reptile species. Click on the buttons or links to each side for more information.
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